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At Bayview Orthodontics, we use the latest techniques and technology when creating and fitting your braces. 



Empower self-ligating braces

Self-ligating braces

At Bayview Orthodontics, we use self-ligating braces, which have small, integrated clips to hold the archwires in place. The reason for this is that elastic bands, which are used in traditional braces, can become stretched and discoloured over time, as well as trap food and plaque.

The technology used with self-ligating braces means the appliance can move your teeth quickly, but have the added benefit of being smaller and less noticeable than normal braces.

Empower braces

Empower braces

The brand of self-ligating braces we use here at Bayview Orthodontics is Empower braces. Although they look like 'normal' braces, with small brackets fitted to the front surface of your teeth and thin metal wires connecting them, they operate very differently. Instead of applying pressure with a small elastic band like traditional metal braces do, Empower self-ligating braces use a slide mechanism that’s attached to the wires and brackets and moves naturally as your teeth start to realign.

Empower self-ligating braces don’t need to be adjusted as frequently as traditional braces do either as the lightweight wires move faster than usual. This means fewer appointments with us at the clinic.

In addition to the latest technology and excellent results we achieve with Empower self-ligating braces, we have chosen to use this brand because the clear brackets are so popular with our patients. They are more aesthetically pleasing than traditional braces and much more discreet. So, not only can you enjoy great results wearing a discreet orthodontic appliance, your treatment will be completed in a much shorter time frame, and your discomfort kept to a minimum because there’s less pressure on your teeth.

Living with braces

Living with braces

After a while, your braces will fit effortlessly into your lifestyle. It’s important you continue to look after your teeth during treatment and take steps to make sure your braces stay in top condition.

Your braces can act as a plaque trap, so you will need to keep them as clean as possible. We advise brushing your teeth at an angle of 45 degrees, gently applying pressure. You will need to floss above and below your fixed wires, being careful not to damage or dislodge them or the brackets in the process.

You may experience some soreness once your braces have been fitted – this is completely normal. We recommend gargling 1 teaspoon of salt dissolved in 8 ounces of lukewarm water for around two-to-three minutes to ease the pain. If that doesn’t work, take a painkiller.

Brush and floss your teeth as usual. Use fluoride toothpaste and, if necessary, ask Dr. Sanj if you can use an additional fluoride rinse.

type of braces

Choosing the right product

You can use a range of speciality products to help with your dental hygiene while wearing braces. Orthodontic toothbrushes are trimmed in a V shape so they clean above and below the wire and brackets. If you use an electric toothbrush, find out whether brush heads are available for use specifically with braces. Interdental brushes are designed to fit in between your teeth and can help you clean effectively. Ask your orthodontist to show you how to do this. Irrigation devices use a stream of water or mouth rinse to clean along your braces and gum line. In most cases, they’ll have a lower setting you can use in sensitive areas.

eating with braces

Eating with braces

You should avoid eating chewy, crunchy, sticky and hard food while wearing braces. Instead, stick to gentle and soft foods that are less likely to cause damage to your braces. These include:

  • Juice
  • Soft fruits - bananas, berries
  • Soft desserts - jelly, cake
  • Soft grains - pasta, soft-cooked rice
  • Seafood - tuna, salmon, crab cakes, fish
  • Bread - tortillas, pancakes
  • Soft dairy - soft cheese, yogurt, milk-based drinks
  • Soft-cooked meats - soft-cooked chicken, meatballs, lunch meats
  • Soft vegetables - mashed potatoes, steamed greens, soft beans, corn-off-the-cob
Sport with braces

Sports with braces

You can carry on playing sports while you’re wearing braces. All we recommend is that you wear a mouthguard for protection – we’re happy to recommend one if you’re not sure which would be best.

Orthodontic emergencies perth


In most cases, you can temporarily repair damage to your braces at home. Broken wires can be softened by placing wax on the end – the same goes for loose brackets or bands.

If you need a repair appointment, get in touch with our team and we’ll be happy to arrange one for you.

You should always read and follow the label and the instructions of your treating orthodontist.

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